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Ensim Managed Servers

What are you waiting for - Ensim Girl


With DSL and Cable modems capable of speeds approaching T-1 speeds it takes a special kind of dedicated server company to provide the speed, reliability, and bandwidth capable of handling every type of internet user.

Chances are you have shopped around and have seen prices from the high to low, with some offering more than us at a lower price and some offering less than us at a higher price. Not all dedicated server companies are the same and often times the lowest price is not the best price.


The perfect way to start you own web hosting business.

With your own fully managed dedicated server you can host upto 100 web sites. Each server has its own control panel so you can control the domains and your users accounts. Every user gets there own control panel.

Each server has the following specification:

- Intel 1.3 Ghz Celeron Processor
- 512mb ram
- Host up to 100 web sites
- 1000 POP3 Email accounts
- Unlimited Email Addresses
- 10gb webspace
- 100gb monthly transfer
- Control Panel
- DNS Controller

With this service we will monitor and support you server. We will enusre that that it remains up to date with all the latest patches and configurations. We will offer support to you and your clients directly if you wish. We will set up the erver for you initally and guide you through the process of adding accounts to your new server.

$250 per month  or  $2750 per year (save 1 Month)

For more information about this service please e-mail us

Note: prices do not include GST for Australian Customers


The Websites Downunder data facility is equipped with complete state-of-the-art Cisco systems, including redundant Cisco 7513 routers, a Gigabit Ethernet network, and a 24x7 Network Operations Center. SONET Ring technology, with dual OC-12 and multiple DS-3 fiber optic lines, assures backbone fail over. BGP-4 routing protocol provides stable, efficient and intelligent routing. Bandwidth capacity is kept at twice the peak usage rate, and our internal gigabit connections will allow us to grow to 10 times our current size and still have the fast content delivery and server responsiveness.

What does all this mean for your business? Websites Downunder state-of-the-art network guarantees faster and more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.

Operating System:

  • Red Hat Linux 7.2
    Apache 1.3.22
    Sendmail 8.11.6
    Bind 9.1.0
    MySQL 3.23.36
    mod_perl 1.24
    Kernel 2.4.9-31
    EXT3 Filesystem
    PHP 4.0.6
    PERL 5.6.0-12
    OpenSSH 2.9
  • Ensim 3.1
    WEBppliance 3.1 Service Plan Features:

    Product Features
    100+ Domain Support
    SMP Support
    3 Control Panels
    Name-based Support
    IP-based Support
    Plan Template Builder

    Web Server
    Supports .shtml extensions
    Generate Certificate

    Custom Log Files
    Log Analysis
    Front Page Extensions
    Password Protection

    Mail Server
    Vacation Messages
    Mail Forwarding
    Spam Filters
    Web-based email (SquirrelMail)

    FTP Manager
    Edit Configuration
    Anonymous FTP

    Scripting Tools

    Site Quotas & Usage
    Disk Quota
    Disk Usage
    User Quota

    Backup & Restore 
    Backup Manager Network

    DNS Management
    DNS Manager
    Automated Setup

    File Management
    File Manager
    Upload Database Support

    User Management
    User Manager
    Search User

    Site Statistics
    Traffic Monitoring


    For more information about this service please e-mail us

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